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Planning Commission Board

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City of ValparaisoPurpose/duties. The purpose of the board is to review and recommend changes to the City Charter, Comprehensive Plan, and Land Development Code and to serve as the quasi-judicial trier of fact for land development approvals. The duties of the board are as follows:

  1. to conduct quasi-judicial hearings for all land development approvals as defined in Section 94-3
  2. review and conduct an ongoing analysis of the City’s comprehensive plan
  3. make recommendation to the City Commission for any amendments to the comprehensive plan
  4. undertake studies as needed in order to analyze present and/or future problems that could impact the City’s comprehensive plan
  5. periodically review chapter 114
  6. periodically review the City Charter and make recommendations to the City Commission
  7. undertake special tasks assigned by the City Commission; the City Commission shall assure that the board has the necessary resources to perform such tasks.

Composition; term. The board shall consist of seven members possessing some experience and/or knowledge in land use planning. The qualifications of each member shall be judged on an individual basis. The chairperson shall only vote to break a tie and the term of each member shall be for four years.

2016 Planning Board Members:

Bachelor, Charlotte
Carson, Jack
Chambers, Les
Helmer, Robin
Peterson, Dan