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Valparaiso's water towerThe City of Valparaiso Water division is committed to providing a constant supply of safe and dependable drinking water and adequately supplying fire protection throughout the city. Our system consists of four (4) supply wells, three (3) elevated storage tanks, approximately 20 miles of water lines, 1,900 meter connections and over 200 fire hydrants. The City provides on average 8.5 million gallons of drinking water to our customers annually. The City takes pride in ensuring the quality of water and offers an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). All water is from ground water wells from the Floridan Aquifer and is of such quality as to only require chlorination for disinfection and odor control purposes.

Service is available to all residents through the water distribution lines. Please contact Public Works to have water turned on or off at the meter. By ordinance customers are not permitted to disturb in any way the meter or shut off valve.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Public Works at (850) 729-5407.

Billing and service inquiries may be directed to City Hall at  (850) 729-5402.

For after hours emergencies, please contact the Valparaiso Police Department at (850) 729-5400.

Service personnel are available 24 hours a day for emergency response.