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Residential Services

The City of Valparaiso offers a wide array of residential services from water and sanitation service to recycling and technology services. Our recycling program consists of two drop-off locations for transporting materials to a recycling center. We are also pleased to offer communication and technology amenities for phone, cable, and high-speed internet service.

We now offer the convenience of receiving your monthly cable and utility bills via e-mail. Beginning in August, subscribing customers can enroll in E-Billing. See Frequently Asked Questions.

Communications and Technology:

Valparaiso Broadband Communication Systems offer high-speed internet via the cable system. The service is offered as Valp.Net and is available to residential and commercial accounts. Valp.Net also offers web hosting services for your website needs. In addition, we also offer a full range of telephone service plans so you can pick the plan that fits you. We’re in your community, so you can depend on our 24/7 customer care and emergency 911 services.

For additional information visit the Valparaiso Broadband Communication Systems website or call customer service at (850) 729-5404.

Recycling Program:

The City of Valparaiso has expanded recyclable material collection by constructed a holding area for collecting, baling and preparing materials for transport to a recycling center.  We have two drop off points located at City Hall and Lewis Middle School for residents and non-residents to bring their items.

Drop off locations:

Please visit the Recycling Program web page for additional information or call City Hall at (850) 729-5402.

Sanitation Services:

Generally defined as kitchen waste: anything used in food preparation, including but not limited to, foods, food containers and non-recyclable wrappers. Residential customers are asked to place garbage cans on the street curb or on the side or rear of the residence by 6am day of scheduled pick up.

Residential pickup is twice weekly, Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Schedules are adjusted for holidays. City employees are prohibited from entering closed areas.

Commercial pickup is three times weekly, Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Schools are serviced daily.

For more information visit the Garbage and Trash web page or contact Public Works at (850) 729-5407.

Water Services:

The City of Valparaiso Water division is committed to providing a constant supply of safe and dependable drinking water and adequately supplying fire protection throughout the city. Service is available to all residents through the water distribution lines. Please contact Public Works to have water turned on or off at the meter. By ordinance customers are not permitted to disturb, in any way, the meter or shut off valve.

If you have any questions or concerns please visit the Water and Sewer web page or contact Public Works at (850) 729-5407.

E-Billing Service:

Subscribing Valparaiso residents can choose to receive their monthly cable and utility bill through e-mail instead of a paper bill in the mail. E-Billing is beneficial in many aspects for customers and for the environment. E-Billing provides customers the convenience of accessing and/or paying city bills anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions about E-Billing to help answer your questions.

E-Billing enrollment is simple and free. Click to sign up for E-Billing