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PermitsPermits & Licenses

Select the appropriate permit application issued by the City of Valparaiso. Applicants must have software installed (such as Adobe Reader®) to open and print the PDF forms below. Applications for permits are still available for pickup at City Hall.

Building Permit ApplicationPDF

Electrical Permit Supplement PDF

Fire Alarm Permit Supplement PDF

Fuel Gas Permit Supplement PDF

Mechanical Permit Supplement PDF

Plumbing Permit Supplement PDF

Roofing/Siding/Doors/Windows/Shutters Permit Supplement PDF

Sign Permit Application PDF

Swimming Pool Permit Application PDF


Please follow the instructions below before visiting City Hall located at 465 Valparaiso Parkway: (Optional)

1. Review the most appropriate application(s) for your needs

2. Print each application (print applications are available at City Hall)

3. Complete the form as much as possible (City Administrator can provide further assistance, if needed)

4. Visit City Hall to complete the application process (Notary service is available, if applicable)