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City Parks

Doolittle Park

Doolittle ParkLocated on John Sims Parkway on the border of Valparaiso and Niceville, this 1.2 acre park is named after General James Doolittle, an American aviation pioneer. During World War II many pilots trained at what is now Eglin Air Force Base. A very special group, the Doolittle Raiders, trained here for their bombing mission over Japan under the leadership of General Doolittle. They trained at auxiliary fields where a runway the length of an aircraft flight deck was marked off to practice takeoffs.

This park is in remembrance of all of those who have served in our military. Enjoy the shade and sit in the cool breeze while watching Old Glory fly. Also there is a time capsule that was placed by the city of Valparaiso as part of our bicentennial celebration. It was sealed up in 1976, to be opened in 2076.


Echo Park

echo parkLocated at Lincoln Avenue and Echo Drive, this newly-constructed park features a fenced area for dogs, pavilions, extra benches, and rest room facilities. Also available is a 1,600 foot walking trail circling a pond located in the middle of the park. 

Glen Argyle Park

glen argyleLocated between North Bayshore Drive and Glenview Avenue, this approximate 4 acre park is a great place for a walk while enjoying nature. Argyle Park provides paved walk ways to accommodate exercising through walking or jogging. Amenities include 1/5 mile concrete walkway, wooden bridge, benches, gazebo with swing, picnic area and rest rooms. Parking is available on north and south ends.



Florida Park

Florida ParkLocated at Florida Avenue and South Bayshore Drive, this 3.45 acre park is a peaceful spot with plenty to do. Stroll along the concrete and brick walk way to view the dedicated bricks from businesses, friends, and families. Amenities include rest rooms, shower, picnic area, wooden bridge, swings, playground equipment and a twenty-four hour boat ramp.

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln ParkLocated at North Bayshore Drive, this approximate 6.5 acre park is the most popular due to its size, location and features. Lincoln Park offers a swimming area with docks, picnic area, rest rooms, showers, playground equipment and a 24 hour boat ramp. The City of Valparaiso hosts its annual 4th of July celebration in Lincoln Park.

View the 2019 Healthy Beach Program for Lincoln Park issued by The Florida Department of Health


Little League Park

Little League ParkLocated at the corner of Aurora Street and Valparaiso Parkway. Although operated and maintained by Merchantability Little League, the City of Valparaiso supports it by offering a $2500 donation annually. More information regarding NVLL can be obtained here.

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Marion Ruckel Recreational Facility

Marion Ruckel Recreational FacilityLocated at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Nordberg Avenue, this park provides fun for all ages. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of areas dedicated to specific sports at this recreational facility. Amenities include swings, playground equipment, picnic areas, volleyball court, tennis court and basketball courts.

Perrine Park

Perrine ParkLocated in historic district on Westview Avenue, this park is great for remembering days gone by. Fittingly named after Chicago businessman, John B. Perrine who called this region Valparaiso, Spanish word meaning the “vale of paradise”, this park sits across the street from the Heritage Museum underneath quiet pines. Amenities include picnic tables and benches. This park hosts a variety of events annually to include Saturday in the Park, Yule of Yesteryear and Christmas Camp Walton.

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Shipyard Point Park

Flower WaterLocated on North Bayshore Drive this small family- oriented park offers charcoal grills, picnic tables, playground equipment, swings and a spectacular view for the 4th of July fireworks. Shipyard Park is perfect for small groups to host various outdoor events or simply relaxing while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.



echo park

T.J. Brooks (Echo Park)

Located at Lincoln Avenue and Echo Drive this 7 acre park is described by some as simply “serenity”. A 1,600 foot walking trail circles a pond located in the middle of the park. This newly-constructed park currently features pavilions, additional benches, rest room facilities and a dog park

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Located on North Bayshore Drive this fishing pier has plenty of room for everyone. Popular among the residents of Valparaiso and surrounding areas for catching fish. Complete with two cleaning stations, running water and 24 hour rest rooms.

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Twin Cities ParkTwin Cities Park

Located at 170 John Sims Parkway this park offers a newly renovated 24 hour boat ramp with picnic area and rest rooms.

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No alcohol allowed in any of the City Parks. Pets permitted at TJ Brooks (Echo Park).

Location Markers of City Parks

Below is a map of the various city parks located throughout Valparaiso.

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