City of Valparaiso

Eglin AFB Noise Reporting 

With F-35 flight operations beginning Fall –Winter 2011, it is vitally important that Eglin AFB command personnel get a true picture of military noise disruptions to Valparaiso citizens.  We ask our citizens to file a formal noise report for each noise disruption to document it in the official Eglin AFB Noise Report Database.  

 To report excessive Military Noise of any kind (Loud aircraft, Bomb blasts, etc)F-35

  1. Monday-Friday, 0730-1630 – Call  Eglin AFB Public Affairs office – 882-3931
  2. After Public Affairs office hours & Weekends – Make a note of the circumstances of the occurrence (as in Note 1 below) and call the Eglin Public Affairs office – 882-3931, the next business day.

NOTE 1: Please note the date, approximate time, noise duration, effect on your home or business, and yo ur perceived source of the noise (type & number of aircraft, etc) as the Eglin information taker will ask for these items.

NOTE 2: Please also call Valparaiso City Hall – (729-5402) & provide your noise report info so that our Valparaiso city representatives on the Eglin AFB Noise Committee will be aware of your report.

F-35 Noise MeasurementsF-35 Noise Measurements