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2018 State of the City Address by Carl Scott Valparaiso City Administrator

Someone needs to just look around to see the many improvements taking place across our city. From the recent renovation of the Coca Cola plant totaling over five million dollars to the remodel happening at the Fast Cash structure on John Sims, business improvements are taking place in every sector of our city. Other businesses are building new places or moving existing businesses to our city. Businesses we all welcome with open arms such as the Donut Shop outside the East Gate. This reinvestment by our existing businesses and the new companies that will soon call Valparaiso home are not an accident.

We are part of a prospering region primed for economic development. We have great educational opportunities for our youth, good health care facilities, retirement opportunities and best of all we are just a great place to raise our children.

The City has every reason to expect this positive trend will continue throughout 2018 with all types of new developments already beginning to take shape.

Once again it will be a mix of renovations and new construction. Let me give you an example. In 2009, the City of Valparaiso issued a total of 75 building permits for the entire fiscal year inspections required were less than six per month. In 2017, the City issued 465 building permits covering a broad range of construction types. 22 of those permits were for new single family residential housing with ad valorem valuation topping six million dollars. Inspections now run at six per day every working day.

What this means is the city has built a firm foundation for our strong neighborhoods, a healthy economy and most importantly for our quality of life. Is it any wonder Valparaiso is one of the most desirable places to live in all of Florida? I think not.

Does this mean the work is done? Absolutely not. While the city continues to grow up, we have no opportunity to grow out we are a land locked city every square inch of dirt is basically occupied. We need to be smart planners, we need to keep working on issues such as our street scaping. We need to truly believe in our sense of place by challenging those with blighted properties and installing a sense of pride throughout the city in our neighborhoods. These things will have the greatest impact on our future prosperity. These things will drive increased property values and with it the real benefit our citizens deserve.

Bottom line –  we should be excited by our future. A future powered by the richness of this community.


About Valparaiso

Compass Palms

Welcome to Valparaiso

Making Valparaiso an enjoyable place to live is balanced with insuring and protecting human values while preserving quality of life. City officials and staff are available for your concerns. Recommendations for improving services are always encouraged and welcomed. By working together, we can make Valparaiso an even better place to live and enjoy.

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Things To Do

Things to Do

Attractions in Valparaiso

The City of Valparaiso offers a variety of different activities for residents and visitors alike. Whether you want to go out for a great boating experience, visit the public library, or relax in one of our many parks - we have something for everyone! The City Parks web page features an aerial view and location marker of each park for your convenience. Be sure to checkout our Calendar of Events web page.

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Home of Eglin AFB

Eglin and Water Tower

History of Valparaiso & Eglin AFB

The history of Valparaiso has become interwoven with the history of the Air Force Base. World War II pilots received gunnery training here and the Tokyo Raiders, under the leadership of General James Doolittle, trained at one of the auxiliary fields. Many of the Raiders were housed in the Valparaiso Inn during their training at Eglin AFB.

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Residential Services

City Hall

Valparaiso Residential Services

The City of Valparaiso offers a wide array of residential services from garbage and trash collection to water and sanitation service. Our recycling program consists of two drop-off locations for transporting materials to a recycling center. Valparaiso Broadband also offers technical services for phone, cable, and high-speed internet.

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